Pacific Undersea Gardens

490 Belleville Street Victoria, BC V8V 1W9
Phone: (250) 382-5717 Fax: (250) 382-5210 website

Descend... into a world where Victoria’s reputation as the “City of Gardens” extends beneath the tide-line! Home of the largest collection of local marine life to be found anywhere! You will come face to face with the excitement, the wonder, the magic and mystery of the underwater world. Beneath the surface of the Inner Harbour, all manner of fish spiny rock cod to brilliant Red Snapper, swim through the kelp forest. A school of thousands of Pacific salmon follow their remarkable life cycle amidst the ruins of a sunken ship. Amongst ghostly gardens of white and crimson anemones, the ferocious looking Wolf eel lurks and the largest species of octopus in the world glides the reef.



Lodging/Campground Information